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We create custom-designed and cost-effective medical testing products that meet the needs of even the most complex diagnostic challenges

GobiX GmbH is a Swiss MedTech start-up that is innovating the field of diagnostics using the most advanced and adaptable 3D printing technologies.

Want to hear more? We guide your project from first idea to roll-out:


You tell us your needs, and we’ll work together to envision a creative solution and design a prototype


You tell us the application and quantity, and we manufacture the final products for you

Knowledge Transfer

You tell us the local requirements, and we create a set-up and train your staff on how to use your new tool


Our team

Michel Bielecki, MD


MedTech and AI applications specialist with extensive entrepreneurial experience. Currently involved in multiple research projects in the public health sector with the University of Zurich and the Swiss Armed Forces. MMed, University of Zurich.

Patrice Gobat


3D printing specialist with extensive work experience in automotive production management. Former product developer for an exoskeleton prototype currently used for academic teaching within an ETH Zürich medicine lecture. MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich)

Jennifer de Broglie

Product Director / Project Coordinator

Sales and product specialist, MBA (University of Dallas)

Madison Montgomery

Business Development

Marketing and business development specialist. BA in International Studies and Management (Boston College), in progress MSc Management & Technology (Technical University of Munich).

Giovanni Crameri

Giovanni Crameri

Medical Consultant

Physician actively involved in COVID-19 related research and clinical work with the Swiss Armed Forces and NATO. MMed (University of Zurich) and Doctoral Candidate (University of Bern).


We are delighted that 3D printed swabs by GobiX GmbH in Switzerland have now become a segue to expand COVID-19 testing to save lives in hard-hit areas, around the world, quickly and economically.

Stefan HolländerGeneral Manager of Formlabs EMEA

All of the African continent is impacted by the shortage of COVID-19 test components, compounded by border closing. We have a unique ability to make widespread testing possible throughout Africa thanks to this strategic partnership with GobiX GmbH for the swab production systems and our own infrastructure with offices in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania and staff in Namibia, Uganda, Cameroon, Mali and Zimbabwe.

Dr Oliver PreisigExecutive Director of Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd

“Having access to tests and to test kits is so important especially in resource limited, vulnerable countries, which is what GobiX is helping with. The WHO mantra on the control of COVID-19 is simple and effective and reads “TEST, TEST; TEST” Without tests, developing countries will not be able to monitor and control the spread of COVID-19.”

Prof. Dr. Patricia SchlagenhaufAdvisor to GobiX, Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Travellers’ Health

Today, the key to fighting COVID-19 is simply identifying those who are infected as early as possible. This is the motivation behind our collaboration with GobiX and Formlabs - we are teaming to address the critical need for tools and equipment needed to safely collect and transport viral samples. We are extremely proud that our solution will contribute to accurate testing during this global crisis.

Adrian HärriCEO, Biolytix AG

Our collaborators and partners

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