Corona consulting

Do you have a plan for COVID-19 in your workplace? Employers today need a full coronavirus safety strategy—and we have one for you.

With all the different information out there, it can be difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. At GobiX, our medical specialists have been combatting the coronavirus from day one treating patients, conducting and publishing research, implementing quarantine zones, and developing new testing methods with partners like the Swiss Armed Forces and NATO.

We can help you implement coronavirus safety measures that are backed by the latest research and create a strategic management plan that we tailor to your specific needs and work environment.

Our process


Initial visit and evaluation

We come to you and evaluate your workspace and existing coronavirus plans and policies to identify pontential inefficiencies and safety weaknesses.

New strategic plan and implementation

Our experts develop a new coronavirus strategy tailored to your needs by adding to and revising existing protocols, including workspace arrangement, hygiene routines, and safety standards. We help you implement the plan and address employee questions and concerns.

Follow-up visit

Our professionals monitor your implementation progress and help with any problem areas or policies that need to be modified. This visit includes a question round with employees to answer any remaining questions and concerns.

What your new coronavirus plan will do for you

Enhance efficiency

Removing measures that are unnecessary and reallocating resources effectively

Increase safety

Implementing changes and protocols that are backed by the latest COVID19 research

Bring peace of mind 

Employees feel more informed and confident returning to the office

What our clients are saying about us

We can recommend the services of Drs. Bielecki and Crameri without hesitation. They led to a significant increase in efficiency; we now have a clear, tested and controllable safety plan for corona, our employees feel more at ease and we have gained experienced and competent contacts who are considered experts in the area of implementing practical measures for prevention, containment and handling of coronavirus outbreaks.

Monika HorisbergerHead of Finance, Personnel and Administration, Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo
Testimonial translated from German